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Announcement of Collaboration

28 March 2023

Physiomics plc


hysiomics" or "the Company")

Announcement of Collaboration

Physiomics plc (AIM: PYC), the oncology consultancy using mathematical models to support the development of cancer treatment regimens and personalised medicine solutions, is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Beyond Blood Diagnostics Ltd ("Beyond Blood") ( to analyse data generated during testing of its diagnostic platform using Physiomics' personalised dosing software.

Beyond Blood is a seed-stage spin out from Imperial College London, which is developing a patented flow cytometry device to measure blood cell counts (such as neutrophils) in very small blood volumes. Beyond Blood is developing a device that is intended to be small, simple to use and inexpensive, allowing it to be used by patients in a home setting and without the need for taking blood using a syringe. Beyond Blood is aiming for its first products to be commercially available, with approval of the medical device having been sought and obtained, within approximately two years from completion of development.

A diagnostic device that enables the collection of neutrophil counts in a home setting could address the challenge (noted in the Company's press release of the 9 January 2023) faced by patients that may be relu

ctant to travel into hospital for additional blood tests currently required by Physiomics' software in some care settings.

Physiomics and Beyond Blood are, in addition, exploring joint grant applications and considering other ways in which Physiomics' software could be used alongside Beyond Blood's devices. It is anticipated that the analysis of data generated by Beyond Blood's diagnostic platform will take place over the course of the balance of this calendar year and further updates will be provided in due course.


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Notes to Editor

About Physiomics

Physiomics plc (AIM: PYC) is an oncology consultancy using mathematical models to support the development of cancer treatment regimens and personalised medicine solutions. The Company's Virtual Tumou

r™ technology uses computer modelling to predict the effects of cancer drugs and treatments to improve the success rate of drug discovery and development projects while reducing time and cost. The predictive capability of Physiomics' technologies have been confirmed by over 100 projects, involving over 50 targets and 75 drugs, and has worked with clients in Europe, USA and Japan such as Merck KGaA, Astellas, Merck & Co and Bicycle Therapeutics.

About Beyond Blood

Beyond Blood Diagnostics ltd is an early-stage technology company leveraging recent advances in semiconductors and signal processing algorithms to count blood cells. The vision of the company is to work on the miniaturisation of the photonics circuits to bring a scalable and cost-effective medical device to enable chronic patients to test themselves at home, reducing hospital visits and improving the quality of life. Beyond Blood is backed by some of the UK's leading investors and is the recipient of one of the most competitive grants from Innovate UK.

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